Social Impact of Plumbing Fixtures

Since their inception, plumbing fixtures have played a large role in our society. Most plumbing fixtures that we commonly use today include terminal valves, kitchen sinks, showers and flush toilets. Without these essentials, we would not be able to live conveniently and easily. Therefore, the social impact of plumbing fixtures is such that it has helped shape our society into a better one.

Furthermore, the supply of water for washing and drinking has been made easier thanks to the invention of kitchen sinks, showers and separate valves for drinking water. Also, kitchen sinks have greatly helped us in preventing the spread of harmful elements by encouraging better hygiene practices. Showers as well have aided us a lot when it comes to daily personal grooming.

In terms of what the changes of plumbing have been for those in the industry over the last few years, there's been a renewed interest in health and safety. It's true to say that most of us who spend half of the day lying on our back to try and reach pipes and water mains will find their bodies contorted in all sort of way. There are simple ways to make sure that a day on the job doesn't turn in to a night time in pain.

The top tip I've learned over the last few years is to buy and use a foam roller. I originally stole my wife's one that she would us for yoga class, but ended up buying my own reinforced one that I sometimes take out with me. If I know I'm going to be lying on the floor for a while, I'll bring the roller in with me and get a stretch on while fixing a leak.

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